Tutorys brings social learning to Africa using online video tutorials


Internet access and computing are quickly spreading across Africa. However, certain skills are needed before a user can enjoy all the benefits a computer has to offer. Truly using a computer isn’t as simple as sitting down and pressing a bunch of keys. Accessing the Internet isn’t just a matter of having a computer and an Internet connection.

Tutorys, a new social learning platform, fills the ICT skills void that we often take for granted. Using short video tutorials, Tutorys teaches people how to use popular software and web tools like Microsoft Office, Blogger, and Facebook. The company will soon provide guides on how to effectively use Twitter, Pinterest, and Adwords.

Tutorys has many bases covered with a simple, yet robust suite of services. Not only do they have over 500 tutorials on most major online software, but the tutorials are available in English and French. What’s more, the videos can be found both on the Tutorys site and on YouTube. The tutorials, although generally lacking audio, are extremely visual and easy to follow. One can learn the basics of Facebook in under 15 minutes, but Word 2007 understandably takes over 2 hours to fully comprehend. Fortunately, no single video is longer than five minutes as to bore a user. Smart!

Tutorys’ is sure to create savvy web users out of even the greenest of computer users. Primary goals are:

    to help users learn how to use web apps
    to help users discover cool apps like Prezi and Evernote
    to build a community for “social learning” focused on mobile/web apps

Tutorys is new to African markets but has already attracted interest from multiple areas. For one, a cyber café in Conakry, Guinea is interested to use Tutorys videos for training sessions. This is great news for Conakry as a shortage of ICT skills is limiting the nation’s online presence from growing as fast as neighboring countries. Separately, LinkedAfrica, an African business network similar to LinkedIn has also expressed interest in integrating Tutorys videos with its services.