Namibia: MobiPay teams up with Nored

Money Transfer

MobiPay has sealed an agreement with the northern electricity distributor, Nored, to supply electricity in bulk to third party vendors. The deal, which has been on the negotiation table for nearly two years, was on Tuesday made official during a vending relationship launch ceremony at Nored’s headquarters at Ondangwa.

MobiPay Director Amos Shiyuka said the deal means that new technology has been brought to the region and Nored customers can now purchase electricity from the comfort of their homes.

“After the introduction of MobiPay in the Nored electricity operated regions and other regions of our vast country, we are hopeful that the systems and solutions will become very popular and more consumers will adapt and embrace the seamless and convenience of technology,” said Shiyuka.

MobiPay, a complete electronic money issuer and mobile payment platform, already has electricity distribution agreements with Erongo RED, City of Windhoek, Cenored and the Rehoboth Town Council.

Shiyuka explained that the idea to partner with Nored was born from the realisation that providing adequate cash payment points for prepaid electricity is a challenge for most REDs and municipalities.

According to him, enough payment points must be provided to prevent long queues. Payment points must be close to towns and villages and they should be open beyond the standard business hours, he added.

“These were the challenges that triggered the development of MobiPay’s electronic mobile phone-based vending system for prepaid electricity and other services,” said Shiyuka.