Expresso ACE fibre cable ready for launch in Ghana this week


Expresso Ghana has landed the US$700 million 17,000km-long ACE fibre optic cable on the shores of Ghana.

The cable is due to be launched in Ghana on May 10, 2013, so that customers of Expresso would begin to enjoy high-speed broadband services on the Expresso network.

ACE is the acronym for Africa Coast to Europe submarine cable, and represents a consortium of 19 members, including Expresso-Dolphin, the mother company of Expresso Ghana.

The cable stretches from France to South Africa, connecting 23 countries mainly on the coast of Africa, but also landlocked countries like Mali and Niger through terrestrial links. It is the first cable system to connect seven African countries in a stretch.

Ghana already has the WACS cable from MTN, SAT-3 from Vodafone, Glo One from Globacom and the MainOne cable on its shores, which gives the country a huge fibre optic redundancy capacity.

The ACE cable would therefore enhance the huge redundant capacity for Ghana and enhance Ghana’s connectivity and route diversity,” it said.

Expresso-Dolphin has assured prospective customers it will offer competitive prices for capacity wholesale for operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and High End Enterprises.

“We will promote internet usage and increase internet penetration in Ghana through smart partnerships with local ISPs and we will boost economic growth by contributing to Ghana’s GDP,” the company said.