Internet - In Brief


- Internet service provider Rawafed Libya has inked a multi-year agreement with Eutelsat Communications to lease capacity on the latter’s KA-SAT satellite with a view to supporting IP trunking services related to its new wireless broadband network. Rawafed’s wholesale agreement will enable it to use up to 1.6Gbps of capacity on two KA-SAT spotbeams, providing coverage of Tripoli, Benghazi and surrounding regions. Rawafed is reportedly deploying a number of localised Wi-Fi hotspots in areas currently lacking terrestrial infrastructure, while KA-SAT will also provide a back-up solution in areas that do have fixed network coverage.

- An Internet exchange point is being developed in Tunisia, a step that experts say should provide decreased costs and better service to businesses and individual Internet users in the country and across North Africa. TunIXP, the Tunisian Internet Exchange Point, is being created by the Tunisian Internet Agency, (known by its French acronym ATI).