GNA lands on biNu

Digital Content

Ghana News Agency (GNA) is now available through the free mobile application biNu as it bids to reach the large mobile audience.

 biNu is compatible with low-end web connected devices as well as those using the Android operating system and has proved popular in multiple markets around the world.

It currently has five million users around the world, with 1.6 million in Africa.

Bernard Otabil, chief executive officer (CEO) of GNA, said: “We chose biNu as a platform for our news applications as it works very efficiently on a wide range of phones, including entry level phones and on all Android devices. Also, development of the application was extremely quick and simple.”

GNA was established in 1957 and is the primary source of news in the country.

Jeremy George, biNu’s vice president for Africa, said: “biNu is proud to be working with such a well-established and nationally and internationally respected news agency.

“The GNA fits in well with our policy of making outstanding and compelling local content available to the millions of biNu’s  members.”

UNESCO & Nokia Launch English Teacher App To Help Teach English To Pupils In Nigeria

Anew project by UNESCO and Nokia, with support from the British Council and the National Teachers’ Institute of Nigeria is launching a mobile service called “English Teacher”, which sends teachers educational content and messages with pedagogical advice once a day.

The messages are organized into thematic modules and include images and exercises. The service runs on the popular Nokia Life+ platform and is one of the first attempts to employ mobile technology to improve tools for primary school teachers.

”English Teacher” leverages a technology that is already owned and used by a majority of Nigerian educators. Over 90 percent of Nigerians have access to a mobile network, and mobile phones are fast becoming a major gateway to the internet. This means that the service is available to most people, including teachers in difficult areas such as the northern states, where educational needs are most urgent.

“Our aim from the beginning was to develop a service that teachers working in difficult conditions and without a great deal of support could access quickly,” said Steven Vosloo, the project coordinator for UNESCO. “Mobile technology is a promising avenue and, in some instances, the only option in terms of technology.”

“English Teacher” is available to anyone in Nigeria without a subscription fee. It is hosted on the popular Nokia Life+ platform, which offers an extensive menu of content and covers topics as diverse as education, health, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. When teachers sign up for the service they receive daily messages designed to improve and support their instruction.