SpryAds Wants To Be The Online Advertising Platform For Africa

Digital Content

SpryAds is a self-serve online advertising network for targeted ads in Africa built for website owners, individuals, companies and advertising,

Accordingt o Richard Nyasha Kaseke of Spryads, “We are currently inviting users to participate in an early access beta preview of our web application SpryAds, a self-serve online advertising network.The goal of the beta is to gauge overall user experience and to give early access to a few select group of people.”

The service allows business owners, individuals and firms and even ad agencies to sell  or buy ad space online on their own.

Advertisers can use the platform to run ad campaigns in a few steps, analyse their audience with Spryads stats engine, choose different campaign types (CPM, fixed rate, one page ads and bursts), control their ads by rotating the creatives, pausing them, resuming or deleting anytime and they can also track impressions, clicks, geographical locations and visitor’s technology.

Publishers on the other hand can manage their websites, webapps, startups’ advertising with one interface, run ads from other networks (e.g google adsense) through backfills, control their ad space by approving and disapproving ads. They can also analyse their sites’ audience and define their own ad formats.

Joining a few startups in Nigeria doing this, Spryads is a fast and is set to be an alternative of Google’s Ad Sense as it gives the a publisher right to pick where the ad will be and from which company. It gives the control back to the owner and the fact that a publisher can track how much money they have in their accounts, it helps to either stiffen sales efforts or relax when your bank account is OK.