Telecoms News - In Brief


- Abu-Dhabi-based Warid Telecom International plans to contest the recent award in Ghana of a mobile operating licence to Nigerian firm Globacom Nigeria through its Glo Mobile Ghana unit. Warid, the second firm short-listed for the concession, is now challenging the award, saying the process was not fully transparent. In a statement, Warid officials said they qualified to pay the minimum licence reserve of USD50 million, but were not given the opportunity by the NCA. Warid says it is looking to contest what it sees as an ‘unfair bidding process’.

- Helios Tower Nigeria Limited has announced the installation of 1,000 cell sites with the capacity to accommodate 4,000 base stations of wireless and GSM operators aimed at increasing the rate of mobile communication services in the country.

- ICASA has finally gazetted provisions for shorter lock-in periods for consumers. Operators and service providers are being told to offer six-month and 18-month contracts from August to give customers more choice than the usual tie-up periods of 12 and 24 months.

- The government of Djibouti has reportedly rejected proposals from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa's (Comesa) ICT regulatory and policy harmonisation programme. Djibouti’s decision is a cause for concern to Comesa which says it will find it difficult to start implementing the programme if Djibouti is not on board. Djibouti is still refusing to be part of the programme because of its monopoly policy in the telecoms sector.

- In a short time span, Utl has registered more than 100% growth in the West Nile and northern regions. Going hand-in-hand with its network coverage expansion programme, it has set up 30 new base stations in the area to ensure that the signal is strong and clear.