Cost of Broadband in Nigeria is among the Highest - World Bank


The cost of the broadband in Nigeria is among the highest in the world, a World Bank representative said in Abuja last week.

Speaking at the Nigerian eGovernment Interoperability Framework workshop, a World Bank representative at the workshop, Mavis Ampah said although about $12 billion had already been invested in the Nigeria ICT sector, the Broadband gap is very significant in the country.

She said the mobile phone penetration in the country has grown up from two percent in 2000 to about 32 percent in 2007. However, she said Nigeria has emerged as the country with the highest annual growth rate in mobile subscribers but is still paying higher for the bandwidth.

"It is important for us to discuss the framework and the strategy for Nigeria". She said broadband connectivity in the Nigeria is very low at 0.01 when compared to countries like Tanzania which has about 13 % broadband connectivity. "Nigeria has a very long way to go. My understanding is that 1 gig is about N3, 500. It comes down significantly compared to some couple of years back where both Ghana and Nigeria are paying about N10, 000 per gig. She said the prices when compare to what other countries are paying like India were just too expensive for the same broadband capacity.

Daily Trust (Abuja)