Cote D’viore adopts Ghana’s e-agric technology

Digital Content

Prep-eez Tech Ltd, the developer & implementing consulting partners of Ghana’s e-agriculture and extension technology, has being awarded a contract by the Cote D’viore government to deploy an effective enterprise resource service that takes care of the local populace in terms of the language barrier and communication accessibility by all using mobile phones to access content in their local language.

The e-extension project, which is currently funded by the World Bank, is being executed by Prep-eez, an indigenous company in Ghana.

According to the CEO of Prep-eez, Kow Sam-who is also Co-founder of Forum Networks (MTN audio conferencing), the e-extension would promote timely information access by farmers in Cote D’viore.

He explained that the project comes in two phases; first to create a knowledge management portal where scientific research and new technologies could be published and shared. This portal is integrated with smartphone applications for field information delivery, farm/field monitoring, farmer identification, farmer farm location and disease/pest epidemic reporting, all with Geographical Position System (GPS) integration. This guarantees accurate and real time information for effective field support with M&E for all extension and field support services.

The second phase, he said, was to make the information developed onto the portal available to the common farmer anywhere in the country without any limitation via their standard mobile phone.

Currently, countries including Sierra Leone, Togo, Liberia, Tanzania and Burkina Faso have expressed immense interest and the first three countries have already visited Ghana and tested the system and are already preparing for the deployment of a similar concept in their various countries, he added

Prep-eez is a fully Ghanaian owned communications, content & integration entity specializing in the design and deployment of convergence of mobile, web and PC collaboration platforms.

Prep- eez is developing content over mobile networks for effective communication and technology dissemination throughout Ghana.