Rwanda: Architects Welcome Online Permit Application System

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The Kigali City Council on Monday launched the Online Construction Permit Management Information System that will make obtaining the permits simpler and faster.

Mayor Fidele Ndayisaba called the initiative, which involves several stakeholders, a 'landmark achievement' for the city's service delivery.

Under the new system, developers wishing to obtain construction permits will be expected to apply online and get an electronically generated permit on fulfilling all the requirements.

In the past, twelve procedures were involved in obtaining construction permits which would take a 100 days to be delivered, but with the new system there are only five procedures and the permits will be ready in maximum thirty days.

The union of architects and engineers hailed the innovation.

The online Construction Permit Management Information System (MIS) was developed by the Kigali Construction One-Stop Centre and, according to its coordinator Lillian Mupende, it took over a year at a cost of $1.1 million. She added that the manual applications will be phased out.