Internet News - In Brief


- Burkina Faso's Prime Minister Tertius Zongo said new strategy would focus more on Internet related infrastructure. Firstly,authorities wanted to see the construction of a good network of fibre-optic cable network capable of carrying broadband Internet to large parts of the country. Secondly,operators to participate in the upcoming process of defining a "comprehensive and integrated cyber-legislation" for the country, in addition to the development of sectoral "cyber-strategies". Large investments in fibre-optic cables would need to be made to provide the country with speedy and reliable Internet services.

- Books First launched its online bookstore at the weekend, making it what it claims is the first commercial website by a Kenyan bookshop.The website, will help book buffs access books of their choice easily.The website carries all of Books First's titles and customers can order conveniently from the Internet or via a dial-a-book service. The bookshop has a plan through which orders are delivered to the customer's doorstep.

- South Africa's Vodacom has announced two of its fibre rings in Johannesburg and Pretoria are now live. The company also plans to roll out transmission networks in most big cities across South Africa including Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein within the next twelve months.

- South Africa’s second national operator Neotel intends to bid for additional WiMAX spectrum in the 2.6GHz frequency band when (ICASA) holds an auction, to help it to launch mobile WiMAX services in the consumer market. Neotel already has 56MHz of spectrum in the 3.5GHz range, which it uses to provide fixed-wireless WiMAX network services for the corporate market, but 802.16d-based service is inappropriate for the consumer market, since WiMAX technology currently being built into laptops and mobile devices is predominantly the newer mobile standard 802.16e.