Microsoft kicks off online privacy campaign


Microsoft has launched a widespread consumer campaign to increase the awareness of saving data on personal computers.

The six-week campaign is designed to reach and educate technology users via television, the internet and street advertising on data protection and information security.

“Microsoft’s commitment to online safety includes educating consumers about sound online habits and practices,” said Aly Kamal, public relations manager for Microsoft Egypt.

He added: “Microsoft empowers families with the right tools and resources to help keep them safer online” in addition to helping “individuals and families deal with safety concerns in the online world.”

Microsoft provides tools, guidance, and resources that help individuals proactively protect their digital lifestyles, Kamal said.

“We want to help people learn more about the tools and technologies Microsoft provide that give them have greater control over personal information as they browse the web,” said Microsoft on the company’s official blog.

“As part of this, we’re also launching an advertising campaign to kick start awareness and conversation.”

The campaign will present the results of an opinion survey conducted throughout the world to show what most users worry about in regards to the security of data.