Lovelife Generation On Mobile Network in South Africa

Digital Content

South African teenagers with WAP-enabled phones can join MYMsta, a mobile-based social network dedicated at empowering young people in South Africa and preventing HIV. is an initiative by loveLife for informing, educating and entertaining the loveLife generation.

Using a minimal amount of airtime, users can build and maintain profiles, join chat groups and access bursary and scholarship information. Page view casts 2 - 5 cents and less than 25 cents for downloading data, depending on the mobile operator and individual service plan.

Speaking at the product launch and media preview of MYMsta, loveLife media director Refilwe Africa said, "The call to young people is to Make Your Move build personal initiative, strengthen their ability to negotiate day-today pressures and expectations and find new links to opportunities. Given the extensive ownership of cellphones in this country, up to 75% of young people (15-24 years) have [their] own cellphones.

"Social networking behaviour plays directly into the three key triggers to behaviour change - sense of identity, belonging and purpose. Users define their identity by creating personal profiles with photos, video and text they can also develop communities by connecting to like-minded individuals through forums," said Africa.

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