ANC website attack: Afrihost responds


The official ANC website ( was taken down on14 June 2013 through a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by Anonymous Africa for being “one of the biggest enablers of the mass murdering Mugabe”.

The ANC website is hosted on a dedicated server on Afrihost’s network, managed by Unwembi Communications.

Afrihost CEO Gian Visser confirmed that the ANC website came under attack at 10:00, and was still under attack at the time of publication.

“The website is down at this time and we are doing what we can to minimise the severity of the attack,” said Visser.

An Afrihost representative added that they do not have any affiliation to any political parties or groups.

“We are not in any way directly affiliated to the ANC, as you can see this a dedicated client providing services to them,” said Afrihost.

He added that Afrihost strongly condemns these types of cyberattacks, purely “for the fact the innocent clients can potentially be affected by these kinds of attacks by having their businesses taken offline”.

“Unfortunately DOS attacks are a reality of the internet today, and we take every possible measure to prevent any collateral impact on other clients, who are not connected to the DOS target,” Afrihost said.

“We do believe that everyone has the right to express their dissatisfaction and political views, but not to the extent that innocent people are harmed or affected negatively.”