Nigeria: Swift snaps up DoPC WiMAX business, plans LTE rollout

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Nigeria: Swift Networks has acquired the WiMAX business of rival internet service provider (ISP) Direct on PC (DoPC) in a deal that will expand its wireless broadband services in Nigeria’s three main cities of Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Swift’s managing director Charles Anudu was quoted by local newspaper THIS DAY as saying that the company will immediately begin migrating customers from DoPC to Swift, a process that is expected to be completed within the next 90 days.

He added that following the finalisation of the acquisition, the combined entity will use the expanded capacity and spectrum to roll out Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology; equipment supply contracts have already been awarded to the likes of Huawei, IHS and Helios Towers to facilitate the migration of customers to Swift’s new networks. ‘The acquisition is a significant milestone in our journey to advance our competitive position in the high quality broadband segment in the Nigerian market,’ Anudu said, adding: ‘It will improve our customers’ broadband experience and overall operating results as the cost efficiencies arising from the economies of scale of the streamlined operation will accrue to our various stakeholders.’

DoPC will retain its satellite and VSAT business, the company’s vice president Mahesh Sadhwani said, but added that the firm would also be willing to sell this if a credible buyer were to emerge. The deal has already been approved by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).