Nigeria's Indigenous Online Shopping Portal Debuts

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Ryte Internet Technology Limited, has unveiled its online shopping portal, Ryte, a website, which operate as an online showroom for items on sale at different brick and mortar stores in Nigeria.

Chief Executive Officer, Ryte, Victor Alaofin, while briefing journalists in Lagos last weekend, explained that customers can buy anything ranging from properties, gadgets, health and fitness, food, electronics, clothing, medical services, trainings, events, tours, accessories, some with up to 75 per cent discount at Ryte.

According to Alaofin, the advantages of ecommerce today cannot be over emphasised, hence a need to nurture the industry through every available means until it reaches its heights.

He stated that Ryte is a portal necessary to further boost the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria with a mandate to expand merchants and at the same time, give customers value for their money.

He said: "Ryte is not out to fill numbers of e-retailers in Nigeria. As an indigenous company, we are here to solve a need and fill a vacuum. Ryte provides a customer acquisition scheme for business owners determined to push products or services for increased market share."

Speaking, also, the Manager Retail Deals, Ryte, Ms. Henrietta Onyeka, explained that Ryte is a deals site that offers only genuine products and services that are discounted for consumer use because Ryte partners directly with the merchants and business owners.

"We save customers a lot of money by offering the best discounts for their convenience. We are a value driven company with a wide range of ideas to serve our merchants, and a wider range of ideas and structure to serve our customers," she said.

She explained that the company gives products and services intense online exposure for a minimum of seven days depending on the value of the service or product in question.

Onyeka further stated that Ryte is promoted online via subscriber-based daily email newsletter to thousands of Nigeria and has an online privacy structure enables payment to be made only through multi-tested international wide card portal.

"With the gradual development in infrastructure and the growth of active telephone lines, which is a common means of internet access in Nigeria today; the next five years would see a greater boost in e-commerce", she added.