Kenya’s eLimu tablet could revolutionize education in Kenya


The eLimu tablet is engaging Kenyan primary school students in the learning process by shifting the way Kenyans think about education. By changing the approach to learning to a more practical, hands on model, they hope to improve the quality of education and citizenship in the country. 

eLimu also has an app that incorporates content correlating to the national curriculum with animations, videos, songs, music, games and quizzes to make the learning process more interactive, interesting, fun and engaging for students.

eLimu also includes extended learning content that focusses on responsible citizenship (environmental, human rights, civic justice and even curriculum on personal financial literacy.) The founders aspire to educate a generation of conscientious citizens who will be armed and ready to take their places in the economies of the 21st century; a generation of problem solvers, astute voters and reliable leaders for Kenya.