Anonymous protests ritual killings in Gabon, hacks presidential website


Fighting to stop ritual killings in the African nation of Gabon, where certain human body parts are prized by some for their supposed supernatural powers, hacktivists associated with the international collective known as Anonymous disabled the official website of Gabon’s President, Ali Bongo.

Media reports indicate that on Monday, July 15, Anonymous hacktivists temporarily disabled Bongo’s official website, as well as several other websites associated with the regime. The action is part of Operation Gabon (#OpGabon).

Operation Gabon began last April, orchestrating petition drives, live protests and Twitter storms in opposition to the ritual killings and political corruption that ravages the West African nation of Gabon. The operation has enjoyed some success, raising public awareness of the problems, and even forcing Gabon’s President, Ali Bongo, and his wife, to acknowledge the existence of ritual killings, something they had previously denied.