Private Egypt initiative offers free online education

Digital Content

A year after its launch, the Nafham (We Understand) online educational platform continues its efforts to enhance the educational system, according to the project's organisers.

The initiative, launched by a group of young Egyptians, offers online classes for primary and secondary school students by way of an interactive website,

The website uses interactive means such as videos, and social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube to teach the Egyptian Ministry of Education's approved curricula.

Mohammed Habib, one of the youth in charge of the project, says that of the websites that offer distance learning in Arabic in the Middle East, is the only one that provides 6,845 videos for 3,000 primary and secondary level lessons, which it offers to users free of charge.

The site divides each semester into two, and includes videos students can access under each, Habib said. The videos are between 15 and 20 minutes long each and conclude with a series of interactive exercises and activities.

The videos are either produced by Nafham or have previously appeared on educational channels, he said. Many volunteers also make videos, of which around one in five have been prepared by students to assist their classmates.

" tries to provide educational curricula based on practical understanding, application and experimentation, and avoids traditional methods, which have long relied on rote learning without understanding or reflection," Habib said. "The site is also a way to minimise private tutoring, which drains the budget of Egyptian families."