Eritrea: Inhabitants of Af-Himbol Area Express Satisfaction With Launching of Mobile Service

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The inhabitants of Af-Himbol area have expressed satisfaction with the launching of mobile service, and said that such a facility has given impetus to the overall activities in the area in relation with the locality's rather isolated location in the region.

Among the inhabitants, Mr. Saleh Ali-Kier Tita, Mr. Al-Amin Tahir, Musie Lekoi lauded the government's commitment to rural development, and asserted that their livelihood is improving in line with the implementation of various activities thereof.

Mr. Yusuf Ali Musa, Administrator of the area, noted the importance of communications facilities in socio-economic activities in the area, including in administrative aspect, and pointed out that socio-economic facilities in the locality have made significant impact in improving the inhabitants' livelihood.