Sahara Computers to set up Assembly Plant in Mozambique


A factory assembling computers is to be set up in Maputo this year, resulting from a partnership between the Mozambican government's Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (MICTI) and the South African company, Sahara computers

Currently, the building where the factory will operate is undergoing rehabilitation. This should be concluded within two months, and then all the necessary equipment will be installed.

According to Jamo Macanze, the MICTI official in charge of nurturing new companies in the computer field, the factory will have a minimum capacity to assemble 100 computers a day, and should begin to operate at the end of this year.

He said that the production of the computers would take place in phases, and the quantity produced would depend on the business model and the response from the Mozambican market. The cost of the imported components would be the factor that determined the price of the computers.

"Right now, we are discussing fiscal incentives with the Investment Promotion Centre (CPI) for the import of components", he said. "If we achieve such tax exemptions, the computers will be cheap, but if don't they could be more expensive". He added "we're waiting for the conclusion of the revision of the customs tariff list, which will establish new rates and exemptions for technology imports".

The total investment in setting up the factory is estimated at around a million US dollars, much of which is being spent on rehabilitating the building.

Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique