Microsoft Sign Sh2 Billion Pact with Uganda Comtel


Microsoft and a local firm, Comtel Integrators Africa, have signed a sh2b agreement to develop localised software and provide related services.

"We are investing sh2b in this project that will produce software for the whole of sub-Saharan Africa and the medium information technology (IT) market in the region," Microsoft's director for communications, John Creed, said. He said the software would allow all businesses to utilise IT to develop.

"The initiative will contribute towards bridging the digital divide in Africa and reduce entry barriers for businesses to invest in efficient IT infrastructure," he told a press conference after the signing ceremony. Creed signed the agreement with Comtel's director for business development, Wayne Robinson, in Kampala. The project will initially serve Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Malawi.

"Businesspeople who want to utilise Microsoft's and local independent software vendors' technologies can do it without large investments in infrastructure," Creed said.

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