Government of Kenya to Consult Industry On E-Learning Over Laptop Project


The Government through the Kenya ICT Trust Fund plans a forum with private industry players to discuss how to integrate e-learning in schools.

The conference will provide a platform for educators to share experiences on how to mainstream ICT in education and explore how best to achieve ICT integration in the curriculum delivery.

According to Kenya ICT Trust Fund, this is part of government's commitment to implement the laptop project.

The Education Conference on e-Learning is set for September 4-6 this year to be held at Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development formerly KIE.

Mark Matunga, education technology advisor for Microsoft's Sub-Sahara Africa region said mainstreaming ICTs in education in Kenya provides the necessary support as well as adopt new innovations to promote the quality of student learning.

"The challenge is how to enable teachers not only to overcome the technology barriers but also empower them to integrate appropriate technology into the curriculum delivery and thereby improve learning process and outcomes," said Matunga in a statement.

The government on Friday started the search for companies to supply laptops for primary school pupils with a budget of up to Sh17.4 billion in the next one year. The project will also require software, connectivity, projectors and printers.