Barclays Kenya to Offer Clients Bulk M-Pesa Payment Solution

Money Transfer

Barclays Bank has partnered with mobile telephony service provider-Safaricom to offer a mobile banking service that enables corporate clients to disburse bulk payments such as salaries, dividend payments, per diem allowances and pension payments to various beneficiaries through their mobile phones.

The mobile payment solution aims to provide consumers with convenience, flexibility and easy accessibility wherever they may be in the country.

Jeremy Awori, MD Barclays Bank of Kenya said, "It will now be possible for our businesses customers to pay a large number of people through our Mobile Bulk money transfer by simply uploading submitting their names and mobile phone numbers to us". "This means the beneficiaries do not necessarily have to own a bank account in order to access their money."

"Research shows that more and more people are now moving towards adopting mobile money transfer options; mobile banking has greatly improved accessibility to financial services in Kenya from as low as 20 percent to over 50 percent in a very short span of time," Awori explained.

Barclays Bank's mobile banking product eliminates the need to carry hard cash and allows recipients to only withdraw on e-money as and when it is needed.

Further to this development our Barclays Integrator internet banking solution allows you access to your Bank accounts across Barclays Africa via a single sign-on. "As we strive to bring banking solutions to the door steps of our customers, we reinforce our brand promise of being the right partner to our customers by providing them with banking solutions that are more convenient and easily accessible," concluded Jeremy

Mobile Bulk payments solutions are set to drive up the levels of financial access in the region as transactional banking evolves to meet the banking demands of a fast growing East African population and Pan Africa.

The Barclays Mobile Bulk payments solution has been able to address a number of challenges faced by corporate institutions in expending payments to a large number of people, a good number of whom do not have access to banking services.