Africa Mobile Specialist Every1Mobile partners with One.Org to mobilise 10,000+ young Africans across the Continent

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Every1Mobile (E1M) announced today the initial results of their partnership with ONE, the advocacy and campaigning organization co-founded by Bono, on the issue of increased transparency in African healthcare. The ONE petition asks African leaders to open their budgets and keep their promises on health spending - a vital part of the process to ensure preventable and treatable diseases like AIDS, malaria and TB stop claiming lives across the continent
E1M, which specializes in engaging with people aged 15-35 across sub-Saharan Africa, launched the petition throughout its network of 9 mobile communities. Within 5 days E1M had gathered over 10,000 digital signatures from people in 14 African countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Somalia, Mozambique, Botswana, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Ghana. Through its network, E1M mobilised the fastest response to any ONE petition in Africa.

David Cole, ONE’s International Digital Director said: “We are calling on African governments to open up their budgets and save lives. And our petition shows that across the continent, these are issues that really matter. Our partnership with E1M means that 10,000 people across sub-Saharan Africa have been able to add their voices to the call for action.”

E1M’s purpose-built Campaign Engine ensured that the campaign was live within 24 hours of the initial conversation with ONE, and results were tracked in real time.

“It can be the case that campaigns such as this one involuntarily overlook the very people they are advocating for, and E1M intends to continue making sure the voices of African youth are heard loud and clear,” explained Isabelle Amazon-Brown, Head of Community Development at E1M. “We’re particularly proud of the fact that we got young people involved in a campaign that really matters to them.”

As one respondent said, “We can overcome everything if we work is in our hands to be co-workers with the government and make this a success."