Vehicles in Tanzania to be Registered Online

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The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has launched an electronic system that requires motor vehicle fees be paid online.

"Payments through mobile money will be very safe to clients and this means that such an amount being paid by the client will directly go to the Bank of Tanzania coffers," the TRA Revenue Accounting Manager Ramadhani Sengati said last week.

He said this will make it easier for TRA to collect the relevant taxes at a lower cost. It will also reduce overcrowding at TRA payment centres.

Tanzania has in recent years experienced an influx of both brand new and reconditioned vehicles mainly from Japan, India and Dubai. This has steadily added to the congestion in and around Dar es Salaam where a majority of vehicle owners reside.

Speaking in Dar es salaam last week, the TRA Revenue Accounting Manager Ramadhani Sengati said motor vehicle owners can now access online payment and can now be pay though mobile money. Sengati said the new system, that started this month, will require customers paying their dues through mobile money and the bank. He said this will ease the tension associated with paying at TRA branches.

He said driving license fees will also have to be paid using the same system throughout the country.

Sengati said the new system will reduce fraud. There have been cases of people being overcharged and this has hurt TRA credibility.