Sudan considers MVNO


Sources told TMT Finance that the regulator in Sudan has been holding discussions with external advisers over the possibility of allowing a new MVNO player to enter the market. It’s unclear how prospective plans might look, and sources cautioned that the talks were still in the very early stages.

With the exception of South Africa, the MVNO model has been a rarity in Sub-Saharan Africa, with regulators generally preferring to grant full MNO licences to new entrants, and operators unwilling to let go of any potential income.

“Unlike other countries in Europe and further beyond, most Sub Saharan telco markets probably still aren’t quite matured enough to make the MVNO model work effectively as it has elsewhere, although this does seem to be gradually changing,” one source said.

Mobile operators in Sudan include Zain, Sudatel (Sudani) and MTN. Etisalat (Canar) offers fixed line services.