Google to add more African languages to Google Translate

Digital Content

Search engine giant Google already has 71 languages in their highly-successful Google Translate service, and it seems that a number of African languages are gearing up to be added to the online translation service.

Google Africa yesterday put out a call for volunteers to judge the quality of the beta translations for African languages Hausa, Igbo, Somali, Yoruba and Zulu. “Hello Africa, We need your help with evaluating translation quality for some of our “promising” African languages,” Google said in a Google+ post.

Google said that if all goes according to plan, Zulu (and by extension the other languages), could be included in the service.

“Our team is working on expanding this list and Zulu could be one of the next supported languages with your help. If you speak Zulu and English, we will greatly appreciate your help with identifying good Zulu translations,” Google explained.