Tanzania: TRA, Vodacom Partner On Tax Collection via mobile money

Money Transfer

The partnership between Vodacom Tanzania and Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) on the collection of vehicles road licence fee has proved success, with 2bn/- collected through M-Pesa in the first three weeks of the partnership's existence.

TRA Director of Taxpayer's Education, Richard Kayombo, said in Dar es Salaam that M-Pesa has eased the authority's task to collect road licence fees.

"Since this service began on August 12, this year, TRA has collected 4.7bn/-, with 2bn/- collected through M-Pesa," Kayombo said at the official launch of the partnership.

Vodacom's Head of Marketing and Communication, Kelvin Twissa, speaking at the service launch, described the new service as the continuation of easing the lives of Tanzanians through M-Pesa service. He said the rapid growth in the use of M-Pesa has confirmed its importance in the country and that it can be used in the collection of taxes for the benefit of taxpayers.

"The procedure is quick, safe and more substantial for payment of vehicle license fee," he said. Mr Twissa said that Vodacom will continue to support M-Pesa system to provide solutions on various issues, with the view of changing people's lives through mobile phone technology.

"M-Pesa has been stable since its launch in 2007 and we aspire to perform more with this system," he said. "This is good thing through which TRA will provide its customers with the most convenient procedures to fulfil their legal obligations to pay tax without any interruption," said Kayombo.

He said TRA believes that its partnership with Vodacom will be more meaningful in the future to ensure M-Pesa system enables the public pay taxes conveniently.