Kenya: Gare Website Under Investigation for Role in Kenya Clan Clashes

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Kenyan authorities are investigating, a website they say is a national security threat and foments violence among rival clans in northern Kenya.

Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo has directed the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to investigate the website, which publishes articles in English, Borana and Somali, for its alleged role in inter-clan clashes.

"We understand that those running the website are not within Kenya, but on Monday (September 2nd) we requested Interpol and our cybercrime investigation unit to help us pin them down," he told Sabahi.

"While the government works hard to restore harmony among different communities, this website is stoking the embers," Kimaiyo said. "We are committed to tackling the tribal violence that has rocked the country for the past year, once and for all. We are seeking the perpetrators."

Kimaiyo was referring to feuding between the Gare and Borana clans in north-eastern Kenya that recently killed at least 12 people and displaced more than 60,000.

Garreonline issued a statement Saturday (August 31st) rebutting allegations that it was a propaganda tool for fomenting such violence. The website only provides news and cultural information about the Gare community that inhabits northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia, it said.

"The web is an educational site that introduces Garre culture and news to the world like any other news related website," it said. "It does not preach hate against anyone or encourage any secession or challenge the sovereignty of Kenya."