LTT signs ADSL-2 internet contract with Alcatel


Libyan telecommunications company LTT signed a €2.3-million contract with the French company Alcatel-Lucent in Tripoli for the third stage of the development of ADSL-2 internet services in a number of locations in the country.

According to Communications Minister Osama Siala, who said that improving the telecommunications services was a “national duty” requiring the collective efforts of everyone at LTT, the project will provide 120,000 lines in places until now without such internet services – such as Sousa, Juba, Jardinah, Rigdaleen, Rahibat, Timmenhent, Samnu, Zighan, Al-Mayah, Abu-Issa, Tamzin, Jebel Owainat, Traghin and other locations.

The project will dramatically increase the speed of internet services in Libya according to Alcatel-Lucent.

It would take some nine months to complete, said the chairman of LTT, Abdel-Basset Senussi, but given the present security problems, a fully working internet services would not necessarily be available immediately. Nonetheless, in spite of all the difficulties, the company was working hard to provide the best telecommunication services for everyone in the country, he said.

The ADSL 2 project will provide subscribers, via landline telephone cables, with higher internet speeds.

Last month Alcatel-Lucent won a contract from Hatif Libya (Libya Telecom) to extend and upgrade the landline telephone network in Libya south of Tripoli and in the Western Mountains.