Enthusiasm For Mobile Money In Togo Spills Out Onto Street

Money Transfer

The only time banks get people dancing in the U.S. is in cheesy commercials. Not so in Togo, where Biz Tech Africa reports Moov sales agents were dancing on a vehicle driving down the streets of Lomé, spreading the gospel of mobile money. Moov is a cell service provider in Togo and they recently launched a mobile money provider called Flooz.

Flooz, which was launched previously in the Ivory Coast, provides subscribers with access to financial services previously available only to the banked population. They can use the service to save, pay bills, and transfer money.

Other commercial enterprises, including several pharmacies, a supermarket, and hotel, have partnered with the new service [FR]. Anyone who uses Moov as their cell phone provider has access to the service. Reception of the service has so far been positive.

“I’m very happy that Flooz has finally arrived in Togo. I used the service back in Abidjan and it helped me a lot. I need it even more now that I’m back home and starting my own small business,” aspiring small business owner Koné Agnes told Biz Tech Africa.

“I have been seeing this Flooz advert on TV and billboards all over the city, that’s why I want to see what’s cooking in here. If what I’m told by these guys in green shirts is the truth, then it will make a big difference in our lives,” another interested subscriber, Victorine Kafui, said.