Paga processes N26.8b transactions, develops solution for bank deposits

Money Transfer

Paga has announced its latest service offering, providing Nigerians access to their cash anywhere and anytime.

The firm also announced that it had so far processed over 2.4 million transactions worth over N26.8 billion through mobile platform in 2013 and hoped to consolidate on it.

According to the firm, the new deposit solution, dubbed ‘Deposit to Bank’, was aimed at eliminating the stress of bank queues and visits to multiple banks to make payments to different accounts.

By acting as a multi-bank teller, the feature allows registered Paga users to send money to any bank account, anywhere in the country in real time.

The Paga Co-Founder, Jay Alabraba, was quoted as saying, “The beauty of Paga is that all our services are available to customers through our agent network, no matter if the customer is registered or not. With over 3, 500 Paga agent outlets nationwide now offering ‘Deposit to Bank’ services, we are essentially bringing the bank to the customer’s doorstep.