Zain launches multimedia drive in South Sudan

Digital Content

Dubbed, ‘I am’, the campaign reportedly conjures up the sense of optimism and hope that many of the older and younger generation in the country hold for their future, with striking colours and depictions of all manners of life represented.

“The 10 uplifting messages in this campaign embrace a wide and stimulating range of declarations. These messages are all depicted by local South Sudan people and the pronouncements are based on the confidence of the people of South Sudan that their circumstances have already begun to improve and shall continue to do so”, the company said in a statement.

The nationwide campaign is significant, not just because of the message that it is looking to communicate and inspire the people of South Sudan with, but also highlights the support Zain continues to offer the growing South Sudan media scene, it adds.

“We have been committed to the growth and development of South Sudan from the very beginning, and through our business and corporate social responsibility activities have demonstrated our intention to hold hands with the people of this progressive nation to raise the quality of life for everyone”, Wassim Mansour, Zain South Sudan Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said.

Recently, Zain South Sudan entered into partnership with the Peace Earth foundation, the United Nations Education Agency (UNESCO) and Ericsson to support the youth peace network initiative by providing mobile connectivity in the state of Jonglei.

The program, according to the company, seeks empower young community leaders with negotiation and conflict resolutions skills through the use of information technology, thus narrowing the digital divide.

Currently, operational across the Middle East and North Africa, Zain reportedly provides mobile voice and data services to over 44.4 million active customers.