Nigeria: Coscharis Technologies Targets 500 PCs Per Day By 2009


Emecheta Ofondu, chief executive officer, Coscharis Technologies spoke to Vanguard’s reporter, Emeka Aginam on its latest brand of indigenous computer brand.

“We believe that there is gap in the information technology market. At the point we were entering the market, what we discovered was that a few companies were playing in the market and that service delivery was poor, prices were not competitive. Generally, customers were short-changed. Our entry in 1998 redefined the market space in terms of service delivery and price.

Some of the product offerings we entered the market with strongly contested with what our existing competitors was offering and they were forced to bring down their prices. We were all trying to ensure we have sufficient foothold in the market; we were all compelled to bring down our prices to the benefit of the customers. Our entry brought a lot of benefit to the ICT users in this country in terms of service delivery.

We are packaging Cosmos with unique solutions that will address the needs of the individual user whether he is in banking, education segment or government sector. We are not saying people are not addressing these needs but they are not being sufficiently addressed.

You find a teacher has a computer and all he is doing with it may be Word Processing, much more can be achieved by the teacher. Much more can be achieved by the student and in fact, the student-teacher payment relationship can be delivered to those three parties- the parents, teachers and the students. We intend to fill these gaps.

We do have arrangements with UBA, C&I Leasing and some other banks to ensure that people can easily pick laptops or desktops by paying only 10 per cent and that 10 per cent may be about N10, 000 or less. Subsequently, the user may pay over 12 months. Recently, we have come to a point with the banks where we have agreed that the user can pay over 24 months.

That makes it a lot easy and smooth for anybody who intends to acquire a personal computer. We intend to serve different segments of the market. Our mission is to address the middle and bottom segments of the pyramid. Those who are ignorant of the use of information technology tools we want to reach them, those who cannot afford to use these tools we want to reach them.

What we have today, the 50 PC per day capacity is merely a seed. We have an expansion programme that we intend to roll out over time. In the next six months or so, we would double our capacity. By the year 2009 we hope to be doing about 500 PCs per day since the market is there”.