Swazi Internet To Schools Programme Launched


In line with the Swaziland Government’s vision of absolute access to technology, SPTC has committed itself to ensuring that all schools, colleges, and communities in all corners of the country have affordable access to ICT services.

Swazi Telecom saw the need to introduce this product into the market in response to the increasing demand for the internet services due to the recent introduction of the ICT subject in schools. A majority of high schools in Swaziland have computer labs; mostly without internet access.

The ICT curriculum requires internet connectivity which has posed a huge challenge to the implementation of the ICT programme in schools.
Rapid expansion of the internet holds substantial promise for developing nations and the youth in particular, which can benefit greatly from the internet’s communication and information delivery capabilities to help meet these needs.

The accelerating transition of information to electronic media in schools is making information resources of the world available to an increasing global audience through the internet. Developing countries have much to gain from this revolution in communication and information access.

In contrast to the situation in the developed world, where transport and communications infrastructures for delivery of both physical goods and information services are well established, the alternatives available within developing countries are generally slow, expensive, or non-existent.
The internet plays a vital part of the education process; there is almost no limit to what pupils can learn. The internet provides pupils of any age with the ability to collaborate with others and answer questions they cannot answer on their own.

“The Swazi telecom internet to schools programme is an exciting extension of our support to youth education in Swaziland. We know that finding sustainable ways to bridge the digital divide is a real priority for the country and we are committed to doing our part in helping. We do this through partnerships that take their cue from the basic needs of our product users. We are focused on building local school ownership of the internet gadgets from each of these initiatives from the get-go. This ensures sustainability over time,” said Nqobile Magagula SPTC’s Corporate Communications Manager. `