Sierratel Launches Exciting Wi-Fi Product


Sierratel, which is 100%  owned by Government and  people of Sierra Leone and is becoming again a significant player in telecommunication in Sierra Leone, has launched a Mi-Fi modem.

Mi-Fi is a portable wireless modem that allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet.  A maximum of eight devices can be connected at the same time and can be used for both business and personal use.

The Sierratel MIFI, which was launched on Friday 4th October 2013, is sleek and portable which means it can fit easily into your pocket and can be used in the office, home, on the beach or even in the provinces.

Users can connect their IPADS, Tablets, Laptops and Smart Phones to the Internet through the Sierratel MIFI. Effectively, any device that has a wireless connection can be connected to the Internet using the Sierratel Mi-Fi.
The cost of the Mi-Fi is only Le1 Million and comes with a free One Month Internet connection on the new Sierratel Gold Internet Plan with speeds up to 600kbps.

After the free 30days Internet connection, customers can renew their Gold subscription for just Le400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Leones) from any Sierratel Shop.

The introduction of the Sierratel Mi-Fi is in line with the drive for improvement on internet usage by the general populace and it now compliments the existing internet products such as the Internet phone and the plug and play USB Modem .

The internet hand phone offers multiple usage as it enables the user to browse the internet on screen, use as a dongle and make voice calls. Customers can use the internet either through: Pay as you go subscription which gives internet access for 24hrs and is at Le 10 000.00 or the monthly subscription of Le 225 000.00. Customers can enjoy speeds at up to 292 kbps.

Sierratel’s network is increasingly been considered as very reliable and covers almost 80% of Sierra Leone for both voice and data. Hence the motivation by Sierratel to provide not only the solution for voice but  unrestricted access to internet. Sierratel is strategically located in every township in the country including all the provincial head quarter towns, Kono, Kambia, Port Loko, Magburuka, Moyamba, Mile 91, Rutile, Njala and as far as Shebwema.

Sierratel is the only Telecoms operator in the country that charges in Leones and all its recharge cards are in Leones ranging from Le2,000, Le5,000, Le10,000, Le20,000 and Le40,000. Also the cost of a per minute call to any network or number in Sierra Leone  is the lowest at only Le 350.00 / 8 Units.
Other operators charge on average Le870.00 or 20 Units per minute. Sierratel also charges ONLY Le350.00 for calls to all network in the United States of America, Canada and all land lines in the United Kingdom.