Affordable Internet through Satellite HotSpots


Maxwell Technology, a satellite-based communications and data solutions provider, has launched a satellite Hotspot solution. The Maxwell HotSpot solution is a unique offering for public facilities that require voucher or token-based WiFi Internet access for guests.

This solution is easy and quick to deploy, anywhere in South Africa, and does not rely on any terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure. It is aimed at lodges, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, conference centres, Internet cafés or any other public facilities that require Internet access for their customers. With a very small investment, it also offers entrepreneurs or small business start-ups a golden opportunity to open an Internet café.

Maxwell technical director Kallie Carlsen says in the hospitality industry, reliable Internet affects the rating or star grading and it also has a direct impact on occupancy. “Maxwell HotSpot provides Internet access to users via a WiFi router that is installed at a single point within the facility. A highly reliable Internet connection is provided via a VSAT terminal, it provides users with up to 512Kbps upload and up to 4096Kbps download speed.”

Maxwell also offers customers new revenue generating opportunities that will add to their current revenue streams. There are no monthly subscription fees or fixed monthly operational charges, customers merely generate vouchers to resell to their customers.

Vouchers can be issued in half or full hour access denominations with two different kinds of vouchers. Fixed Time vouchers provide users with uncapped access to the Internet from the time of issue while Multiple Login vouchers provide uncapped access across multiple logins until the total time is used.

Carlsen says an integral part of the solution is the self-help service portal where administrators of the system can generate vouchers as single units, generate vouchers in batches and view the current status of issued vouchers. “No additional computer hardware or billing systems are required, customers use their existing computer infrastructure.”

The equipment required for the Maxwell HotSpot solution includes a complete VSAT system that can either be purchased outright or Maxwell can provide the solution at zero cost in terms of hardware and installation.