MWEB explains uncapped ADSL abuse following ASA ruling


MWEB said that a recent Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling shows that there is nothing misleading about its uncapped ADSL advertising, and that it is simply enforcing a policy to stop abuse that would prejudice other customers.

The ASA dismissed complaints regarding Mweb’s uncapped ADSL advertising, which argued that the ads are misleading because the ISP is monitoring use and terminating connections based on the volumes of data consumed.

Mweb explained that the complainants signed up and accepted its Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), which included agreeing not to abuse the system in a manner that would prejudice other customers.

“To maintain a favourable experience for the majority of its consumers, Mweb is enforcing the policy with a small group of consumers whose usage patterns show excessive usage on its Premium Uncapped consumer ADSL Products,” said Mweb.

“MWEB’s products still remain uncapped, in terms of the amount of data users can access while only the speed of the line will be affected if abusive levels are reached.”

Mweb added that its AUP is designed to ensure the best possible service and experience for all customers.

“It is standard industry practice for ISP’s to employ bandwidth management tools and practices to monitor usage,” said Mweb.

Mweb also said that there are two types of practices which ISP’s use to manage bandwidth: throttling and shaping.

Throttling is where the speed of the line limits users downloads, this is based on individual usage.
Shaping is where the ISP shapes the speeds of various internet protocols according to network utilisation to ensure fair use of the network and a great experience for all.