Internet - In Brief


- American Internet giant Yahoo! Inc. on Wednesday announced plans to shutdown its Egypt base at the end of 2013, to restructure operations for increased concentration of its employees and improve collaboration within its workforce. The US Internet company said the decision is part of its “global efforts to streamline operations, encourage more collaboration and innovation by bringing more Yahoos together in fewer locations, and build a strong global business that is set up for long-term growth.” The dot com company however did not cite the unrest in Egypt as part of the reason for its departure.

- SkyVision, has donated an iDirect-powered satellite network for the Crossover International Academy, a K-8 school located in the village of Tongor-Attokrokpo, Ghana. The network was implemented as part of a joint effort between iDirect and SkyVision to help the academy improve its educational offering by providing underprivileged students with online educational resources. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.