Globacom Receives Licence Offers From the Gambia And Liberia


Information reaching the paper indicates that Globacom Telecommunication Service has received offers from The Gambia and Liberia to move its operations there. Head of Glo Gateway, Charles Odiase, disclosed that Globacom is set to acquire operating licences in the Gambia and Liberia, following offers from officials of the two countries, reports This Day.

He said that the Glo One fibre cable that will land in Lagos next year will have 15 landing stations. With operations in Benin, Ghana and Nigeria and potentially in Gambia and Liberia, it’s a case of five down and ten to go.

Odiase said the Glo Gateway was responsible for the international operations of Globacom launched in some parts of the continent. He said 95 per cent of PTOs in the country rely on Globacom's Gateway to carry their international traffic to different parts of the world, adding that Glo's international gateway has extended its prepaid roaming service to six more countries.

He emphasised that Glo had in May 2005, become the first network in Nigeria to launch Prepaid Roaming, with the service available only in the United Kingdom. But with its expansion, Nigerians can now enjoy outbound roaming service in Spain, South Africa, Belgium, Turkey, Ukraine and Algeria.

He said also that Globacom was in the process of concluding arrangements to extend the service to United States and several other European and Middle East countries.

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