Expresso for sale

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Sudanese Telecom group, Sudatel has initiated plans to sell off its stake in Expresso. Sources familiar with the development say a number of companies have expressed interest in buying the telecom operator with a local firm currently the frontrunner in the talks.

It is unclear when negotiations will be completed. However reports said that the telecom operator had notified all parties concerned over its move to sell off the stake. Expresso, over the years, has struggled to increase its market in the telecom industry.

For example, in Ghana it has had the smallest subscriber base in the industry for years. According to statistics from the National Communication Authority (NCA), Expresso, as at August, this year, had a market share of 0.57 per cent with its subscriber base increasing from 154,824 to 156,293, the lowest in the industry.

Ownership of Expresso has changed hands since it began operations in the country under the name Cell tell in 1995.

In January 2003, the company was rebranded to Kasapa Telecom, the only locally branded telecoms operator in the country, with 9,000 subscribers. Expresso Telecom acquired 100 per cent of Kasapa Telecom Company in July 2008 of which Sudatel owns 75 per cent of the stake.