SA’s Telkom Mobile launches pre-paid internet


Telkom Mobile is championing internet access for all in South Africa with the launch of the Prepaid SIM Only Internet Starter Pack.  To kick-start the online journey, Telkom Mobile will provide customers with a SIM card and 2.4GB of data, allocated as 200MB per month over 12 months for a once off fee of R49.

“The Internet has become a way of life, and it is our goal to make it accessible and affordable to all,” says KG Moncho, Executive of Product Development.  Moncho believes that the Internet provides a wealth of information and resources that can aid in elevating gaps in education, employment and self-development.

“Many South Africans have unfortunately not been able to access information and resources on the World Wide Web due to the high cost of data, however Telkom Mobile is breaking that barrier by providing high quality and affordable data,” he continues.

The SIM only internet starter pack can be used on most devices including tablets, smart phones or it can be inserted in a data modem to be used on a laptop or desktop.

Telkom Mobile will also provide technical support for the first time Internet user.  “We understand that starting your online journey can be challenging. That is why we provide customers with a user-guide that gives them information they may need when setting up including how to purchase data bundles, viewing and managing data bundle balances and support contact details,” concludes Moncho.

Data allocation is done on the first of every month and will be valid until the end of the current calendar month. In addition, customers can buy additional data bundles once they have depleted their monthly data allocation.

The SIM Only Internet Starter Pack data bundle is only available on the Telkom Mobile 3G/LTE network. Customers can check for coverage on or SMS their address to 43482.