ICT teachers improve their skills in Cameroon


Close to a 100 teachers from Government secondary and high schools in the Southwest Province of Cameroon have been drilled on new developments in Information and Communication Technology, ICT, and the science of computer. This is the subjectt of a two-week-workshop, which opened at the Multimedia Centre of Bilingual Grammar School, Molyko, Buea, Monday, July 28.

Rose Tchonta Guembou, Southwest Provincial Coordinator of Computer Science in the delegation of Secondary Education, explained that the workshop is aimed at training computer-interested teachers to use the available syllabuses of computer science to prepare students for the Cameroon General Certificate of Education, GCE, expected to take off in the 2010 session of the exams.

According to Tchonta, Computer Science was introduced in the Cameroon school curriculum in 2003, therefore it is imperative for the secondary education department to begin building a teacher pool for the subject as they look forward to 2010.

She disclosed that several measures have been put in place to ensure the effective implementation of computer science in the school curriculum. "The government has installed multi-media centres in the ten provinces of the country and has created a section for computer science in the Teacher Training College in Bambili, Northwest Province of the country," she mentioned.

Southwest Provincial Inspector of Computer Science, Arrey Njok Takang-Tabe will corroborate Tchonta; "The workshop is aimed at giving the trainees some lessons in pedagogy."

However, Tabe is not worried about the delay in the implementation of the Computer Science subject into the school curriculum in Cameroon. "The delay to institute this subject in the school curriculum stems from the fact that the government wanted to put together its human and technological resources to ensure an effective implantation," he argued.

A participant at the workshop, Florence Tata from Government Bilingual High School, GBHS, Muyuka said the workshop has enriched her skills on computer science and how to tackle questions and answers on the subject. Godlove Enjame from GBHS, Ekondo-Titi, expressed glee with the efforts being made by the powers that be, but he doubts if by 2010 his students would be able to handle the subject as they lack practical skills.

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