Africa: Mobile Texts to Give Sexual and Reproductive Health Information to Young People

Digital Content

Pathfinder International is exploiting mobile technology to address youth sexual and reproductive health in Mozambique and Ethiopia.

Text messages and stories are being used to provide young people with information about their health and where to get services.

The USAID-funded project mCenas!, which means 'mobile scenes' started in Mozambique and is the country's first ever text messaging campaign that delivers information and stories about sex and contraception to young people.

HIV and reproductive health

This innovative programme could have a big impact in breaking down barriers for young people who want to access services, such as family planning or HIV testing and treatment.

And this is particularly important when it comes to combating HIV as 40% of new HIV infections occur in young people aged 15-24.

Julie Mellin, Link Up lead for GYCA, a consortium global policy partner, said: "Ensuring young people, especially those living with or affected by HIV, have access to comprehensive sexuality education and family planning information increases positive sexual and reproductive health outcomes. Text messaging is a great way to make it easier for young people to access vital information without fear or embarrassment."