Nigerian Government Asked to Cancel Unused CDMA Licenses


The GSM Association has called on the Nigerian government to revoke the licenses of dormant CDMA networks and resell the spectrum to the incumbent mobile networks.

The GSMA's Chief Regulatory Officer, Tom Phillips told The Vanguard newspaper that the regulator should call in the CDMA network operators and seek details of their active customer base.

He said any network not meeting a minimum threshold should lose its license, and the spectrum be reallocated.

"New spectrum should be assigned using economically efficient methods that balance the socio-economic benefits with the capital expenditure required to deploy advanced networks, and should, as a matter of priority, be assigned to those operators that have previously demonstrated an ability to use the spectrum efficiently."

The CDMA networks have struggled against the GSM operators, but recent consolidation in the industry has lowered costs and given them a larger combined customer base.