Tanzania: TTCL Misses Debt Collection Deadline – Government fails to pay its bills


Tanzania's state owned telco, TTCL has recovered just a third of the outstanding debt it is owned from public organisations and government departments, according to local media reports.

The company was ordered by a Parliamentary committee last October to ensure that the entire of the TZ$10 billion (US$6 million) debt was collected by the end of the year.

The committee said that "TTCL should aim at providing excellent services in the country and not fail to operate because of debts. By December this year you have to either collect all the debts or disconnect services,"

TTCL's CEO, Kamugisha Kazaura, told The Guardian that the collection exercise was going well. "We are working hard [...] to ensure all the money is collected," he said. Some of the debts date back as long as six years.