Outdated Telecomms Masts Pulled Down in Lagos, Nigeria


Lagos — LAGOS State Government has commenced the pulling down of all unapproved telecommunication mast in the state.

This follows the lapse of a December 31, 2013 deadline the state's Urban Furniture Regulatory Unit (UFRU) had issued earlier in the year to all telecoms mast owners to ensure such structures complied with new industry standards.

In November last year, the state government insisted that all hollow masts be replaced with newly approved galvanized modern mast in a bid to reduce incidences of masts collapse.

The exercise has so far seen the dismantling of three masts belonging to three banks.

These are First Bank Nigeria Plc, United Bank for Africa and Union Bank.

It was learnt the action by URFU to pull down the masts had led to disruptions of banking services the affected financial institutions offered.

Customers have reportedly been directed to transact at alternative branches.

The unit said it would continue decommissioning the masts until all marked hollow structures in the state were pulled down.

Apart from banks, telecommunication firms, internet service providers, insurance companies, oil companies, and many other firms own these masts that have been identified as safety risks.

Some members of the public have previously sustained injuries after outdated masts collapsed usually during bad weather.