Gilat Satcom partners with DiViNetworks to boost internet capacity and reduce costs for all ISPs and network operators in Africa


Gilat Satcom, a provider of satellite and fibre-based connectivity services in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, has announced that it has partnered with DiViNetworks to boost satellite and fibre capacity and reduce costs for ISPs and network operators.

With the new DiVinchi line of solutions, network operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large corporations can enjoy 20%-50% extra capacity over their existing infrastructure for only 50% of the price they currently pay.

“As part of our strategy to launch advanced technologies to the African market we launched the DiVinchi solution”, said Dan Zajicek, CEO at Gilat Satcom.  “We strive to offer operators and ISPs more efficient services while improving their subscribers’ experience”. “Maintaining profit without raising prices to the end customer is a major challenge to ISP’s and operators,” said Eran Yoran, Marketing Director at Gilat Satcom. “DiViNetworks’ technology fits into Gilat Satcom’s standards and commitment for best-of-class services at the most attractive prices.”

Gilat Satcom’s DiVinchi services are available to all cellular operators, ISPs and large corporations such as oil & gas, across Africa who want to expand their existing capacity while reducing the cost per Mbps dramatically. Operators, ISPs and large corporations who buy their capacity from other providers can also use Gilat Satcom’s DiVinchi DCM in their networks to compress incoming data traffic and reduce the amount of capacity required.

“Technologies such as bit-level compression, traffic management and live video multicasting will improve bandwidth optimisation and Quality of Service,” stated Tsahie Lavi, VP MEA at DiViNetworks. “The partnership between DiViNetworks and Gilat Satcom will provide the best data-capacity-optimisation solutions across Africa.”