Kenya: Laptop Project Set for April Rollout


Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi has said the laptop project will be rolled out before the end of this years' first quarter.

He said the tendering process was cancelled after the ministry realised that the cost of the laptops was higher than the initial estimate. Kaimenyi said the move saved the government Sh8 billion.
He was visiting the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation at Utalii House in Nairobi yesterday. Kaimenyi said the education ministry has put strategic measures in place to launch an open university.

He said this will enable many students to access cheap and affordable university education. Kaimenyi said that over the years, research funding has been inadequate, which slows the growth of industrial institutions.

He said the ministry is committed to funding research. National Commission for Science Technology chief executive officer Prof Shuakat Abdulrazak said the commission has been advised on the need to train more space scientists. He said the commission will send 100 Kenyans to study in Germany this year.